Why Creative Matters In Paid Social Advertising

Paid Social: Why Creative Matters

In order to scale Paid Social, you need great creative. The difference between an average creative and a great creative can be burning cash or tripling your revenue. Here’s why!

audience tier of attention

The number one most consumed element of your ad is your creative. 

If you want to get your audience’s attention you need great creative not copy. It’s the very first thing people notice, making it the most impactful element of your social ad.

Creative's Influence On Your Bid In Facebook's Auction Place

According to Facebook, Creative can have a 50% impact on your performance.

It has more or less a 50% impact on your Estimated Action Rate and more or less a 10% impact on User Value. There’s an auction place for every single ad that gets delivered on Facebook. So as you’re scrolling, Facebook is running a ton of equations for which ad is going to get the best placement. You are essentially bidding for that placement.

For example, if Facebook realizes that the chances of a person purchasing from you are 99.99%, they will lead that person to your ad. However, if your creative is bad, Facebook will not send it to them. This is the equation used in the auction place. Your creative is the most valuable element of your social ad so it should be the top priority.

why creative matters

Simply put, it’s the most impactful variable an advertiser has manual control over.

If you want a high performing campaign then you need to have great creative that speaks to your audience.

mixed assets for facebook ads

Ad Image: Pottery Barn

Lastly, using mixed media can help your social ads a lot.

Facebook has an 86% confidence that mixed assets such as images and videos will give you better results. Thus your brand should have a combination of both static images and video ads in order to boost performance.

The reason why is because you will be able to deliver a wider spectrum of creatives to your audience based on their mindset. So it’s good to have single images, carousels, long videos, and short videos for your ads. That way, you can give them a better user experience based on their preferences.

And that’s why creative matters! What does your creative look like? Are you using mixed media to boost your social presence? Book an appointment with us today so we can talk about your social ads.

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