Facqt Creative Pricing

Ensure your ads are being delivered across paid social platforms, where your messaging is delivered to the right people at the right time to achieve an optimal ROAS. This includes a weekly performance analysis to make sure you’re getting the insights you need to improve performance in the future.

Get best in class strategy for creating optimal paid social creative.

Single and carousel images for paid social campaigns.

Editing module video concepts using paid social best practices.

Two+ video concepts a month.

Work with a team of influencers motivated to improve your performance.

Three+ influencer module videos ads a month.

Use modules from video to push performance forward.

Scale with Facqts

We’re confident that we’ll improve our performance that we’ll lower our rate until we lower your cost per acquisition by by 20% or more. Once we lower your cost per lead by 20% or more then our rate goes back to the original rate and multiplied by the percentage we lowered your CPA.
Example: Starting $8,000 ($10,000-$2,000 discount)

If Facqt lowers benchmark CPA by 20% $8,000 + $2000 x 1.2 = 12,000
If Facqt lowers benchmark CPA by 25% $8,000 + $2000 x 1.25 = 12,500
If Facqt lowers benchmark CPA by 50% $8,000 + $2000 x 1.5 = 15,000