Instagram Stories: Why It’s Good For Business

Instagram Stories: Why It's Good For Business

Instagram Stories are incredibly beneficial to the social presence of your business.


? Instagram Stories are simply the way to go! Millions of people use it daily, making it an incredible tool for advertising. An Instagram Story is a feature on the app that lets you take videos or photos, add special effects, and publish it to your profile where it will be live for 24 hours only. After which, it will go away.

?It was launched in August of 2016 and it’s now one of the most popular features of any social media app. Short form content is much preferred in the fast paced world of social media, and stories are at the top of that list.

? According to Embed Social, 500 million people use Insta Stories every day and 1/3rd of the most viewed stories are from businesses. Just think of how much you can broaden your reach if you make the most of the platform. In many ways, your story will reach people better than your feed post, which is why you should learn to use it. Whether you’re running a food business or a construction service, stories on social media can help boost your brand.

Instagram Stories

Insta Stories is now a Paid Social option.


? Instagram now allows you to advertise on Stories just like Facebook and Instagram Ads. An Instagram Story Ad can be found in the same place where all the stories are located, except it doesn’t disappear after 24 hours. In fact, you can choose how long you want it to run for and how many ads you include in the campaign. Furthermore, people don’t have to follow you in order to see your ad. It can be displayed for everyone.

⤴️ According to Hubspot, Instagram Stories let you target your ads by video views, traffic, reach, app installs, conversions, and brand awareness.

Instagram Stories

Insta Stories allow you to get creative with the story you’re trying to tell.


?️ You can get fancy with videos and static images by incorporating the following in your stories:
? Emojis
#️⃣ Hashtags
?️ GIFs
? Stickers
? Links
& More!

❤️ Stories are also more engaging than ever. When you share a story today, you can ask people questions via polls. You can also react to other people’s stories directly via the reaction buttons provided. And, you have a number of options when creating a story from scratch including the following:

Create where you can build a story with all the special features mentioned above.
Boomerang where you can take videos that will loop like a GIF.
Layout where you can create photo collages.
Hands-Free where you can film videos directly with just one touch of a button (you no longer have to hold the button in order to record a video.)
Multi-Capture where you can take multiple images and publish them to your stories at once.
Level where you can make sure your videos and images are perfectly symmetrical.

? At the end of the day, if you like your published story you can add it to your Instagram Highlights which allow you to keep it on your profile for as long as you’d like. And if you don’t, it’ll go away in 24 hours anyway. It’s very convenient.

So, would you consider yourself an expert on Instagram Stories or are you just getting started with it? Let us know!

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