MUDWTR Ad Review: Why this ad is brew-tiful!

MUD\WTR is bringing in a latte good results with this TikTok ad. Watch our MUDWTR Ad Review to discover why!

If you want to have a high performing paid social campaign, your creative needs to be clear in how it solves your audience’s problem. That’s exactly what MUD\WTR is doing with this paid social video.

🪝It starts off with an easy to understand hook: “Don’t buy this, buy that.”

📚 Then, it gives a strong story about how MUD\WTR is better for you.

📝 Also, it gives lists within a TikTok style, so that can be more native to the audience consuming the video.

❌ My only complaint is it’s a little bit hard of a sell.

And if this ad is on TikTok, the audience is still maturing to ads so they may not respond as best to it. But it will perform great on Meta and ultimately, it’s a great video ad to have in your arsenal.

So what are your thoughts with this video ad? Will it make you click? Let us know!


In summary, make sure your ad has a good hook and use a variety of visuals to tell a good story. Additionally, make the most of TikTok’s native features.

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