The Plug Ad Review: Why this ad isn’t satisfying our thirst

This TikTok ad isn’t quenching the audience’s thirst. Discover why in The Plug Ad Review!

You won’t get optimal performance from a paid social video that has a great script but weak visuals.

This video from The Plug is a great example why.

📜 I like the script. It starts off with solving a problem and people only care about ads that solve their problem.

👀 However, the visualization is weak in reinforcing that script. When it talks about getting better liver health and more optimal life performance, somebody grabbing into a fridge doesn’t support that statement in the script.

Instead, having a visualization of somebody working out hard and then using The Plug is going to:

✅ Further reinforce the hydration

✅ Get the audience emotionally connected to the product

🍹 Even somebody getting drunk and then protecting their liver by drinking The Plug is going to give the audience a much deeper emotional attachment to the product.

In the video, we just get a bunch of product shots which is further going to:

❌ Disconnect the audience from the brand

❌ Get less engagement and less overall purchases

The Plug Ad

Did you learn a few things from The Plug Ad Review? Click here for more tips on how to improve your paid social performance! 


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