Factor Ad Review: How this ad is growth hacking its performance!

Testing hooks like Factor better scales creative on paid social. Dive into our Factor Ad Review to discover how!

This paid social video from Factor is a great example of how every paid social marketer should be growth hacking their video by testing different hooks.

Even though I think the hook is weak (because it’s not relevant to the benefit of Factor), it’s still a great example of how you can be able to test to grab the audience’s attention and improve the performance.

📖 Furthermore, what they do afterwards is a great job of storytelling with multi-varied scenes to keep the audience’s attention and tell a deeper story about the benefit of their product.

❌ Heck, I could be wrong about the hook.

✅ Maybe it can excel.

🪝 That’s why you test how you can best capture the audience’s attention. This is also going to better support how you can solve their problems.

Factor Ad

We hope our Factor Ad Review taught you a bit more about paid social. Remember, it’s all about the hook. The first 6 seconds of the video are the most important when it comes to performance. That’s where people decide whether to keep watching or keep scrolling.

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