Meta Ads: Images Or Videos?

Meta Ads: Images Or Videos?

Are you in a pickle on whether to use images or videos for your social media ads on Meta? It can be quite confusing to choose between the 2, but worry not! In this blog, we’ll share the pros and cons of each one, including engagement, production, and impact on performance. We’ll also explore how video ads can dramatically anchor your performance, storytelling, and brand memorability. So let’s go ahead and discover which format is best for you!

Why Images are a great safety net for performance

Why Images are a great safety net for performance

Images are a good foundation for steady results and engagement because of the following:

  • Instagram (and Facebook to some degree) was built around static images.
  • Images are also much easier to set up compared to videos.
  • They have a lower CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) but also a lower click-through rate in comparison to videos.
  • Lastly, images help the audience when they need to quickly understand the reason and value of the product/service.

That means that images will provide a solid safety net for performance and give you 4/10 to 6/10 results.

Why Videos anchor performance

Why Videos anchor performance

While images are easier to produce and provide a strong safety net, videos have the potential to scale big on paid social. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Video advertising is where you can anchor your performance dramatically.
  • However, good videos are much more challenging to create than images.
  • They also have a higher CPM but they balance it out with a higher click-through rate.
  • Furthermore, videos tell a better story and provide deeper insights into how the problem is solved.
  • Videos are also more memorable and spread a positive impact on all other areas of the funnel, which will improve things like organic traffic as well as email marketing.

Therefore, videos can give you much higher performance ratings, which are the 8/10 to 10/10 results.

In Conclusion

Video ads are more dynamic. Nevertheless, a mix of both creatives will give you a safety net for testing new concepts and making profitable Facebook ads. As a matter of fact, Facebook themselves have an 86% confidence that a combination of images and videos will result in a better return on ad spend. That’s because the algorithm will benefit from a wide array of deliverables. So, having mixed assets will help maximize ad performance by reaching the audience’s particular mindset at that particular moment.

Meta Ads: Images Or Videos? Utilize both for better results! 

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