How To Find The Diamond In The Rough For Paid Social

How To Find The Diamond In The Rough For Paid Social

Hey there! Today’s blog is all about finding the diamond in the rough in your paid social media campaigns. Have you been struggling to optimize your creative deliverables? Are you running multiple campaigns with lots of ad sets and creatives? If so, this conversation is for you.

We’re going to explain why you should consolidate your campaigns and let your different creatives compete against each other. By doing so, you may just find that one creative that’s not getting the performance it deserves but has a high click-through rate. And that could be the diamond in the rough you’ve been looking for! So, let’s dive in and learn how to improve your paid social media performance.

What’s a diamond in the rough?

A “diamond in the rough” is a creative that isn’t performing well but has the potential to bring home great results.

Consolidate campaigns and creatives to allow them to compete against each other. 

Consolidate Campaigns

This will help you identify top-performing creatives because the problem with many campaigns is there is too much clutter, with multiple campaigns, ad sets, and creatives being tested all across the board.

That makes it difficult for the creatives to perform. Therefore, we recommend consolidating your campaigns to allow the creatives to compete with each other, giving the best creatives the opportunity to rise to the top and improve your overall performance.

Run a creative analysis and focus on your Click-Through Rate (CTR).

Run a Creative Analysis

Once the consolidation is complete, we suggest running a weekly creative analysis to determine which creatives are working best.

Focus on the Click-Through Rate (CTR) rather than the Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM). Why? Because CTR is a more reliable metric that can tell you if a creative is performing well.

If a creative has a high CTR but isn’t receiving enough budget distribution, it may be a diamond in the rough which you can further optimize.

By centralizing everything, it’ll be much easier to understand the data coming in. Furthermore, they’ll all be under the same audiences, which makes the analysis much more straightforward. Potential opportunities can also be spotted more easily.

Do a stress test.

Do a Stress Test

Run a stress test by turning off the 2nd best performing ad to see if the diamond in the rough can perform well when given better budget allocation. (Don’t turn off the number 1 best performing ad.)

When you turn off the 2nd best performing creative, you can determine if the next-best-performing creative can rise to the top.

This approach can present you with an additional diamond in the rough or 2 that may have been overlooked.

In Conclusion

By focusing on consolidating your campaigns, analyzing CTR, and running stress tests, you can improve your paid social performance and maximize your creative deliverables.

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