How To Improve Lead Quality on Paid Social

How To Improve Lead Quality on Paid Social

Are you struggling with the lead quality of your paid social ad campaigns? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We will show you the different ways to improve the quality of your leads. And, how you can make the most out of your advertising efforts.

Learn how to adapt to the constant updates in targeting on social media advertising platforms such as Meta and TikTok. Plus, how to steer away from broad audiences that don’t quite hit the target. So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn more about paid social lead generation.

Now, we begin!

Improve your Targeting.

Improve your Targeting.

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Paid social has become increasingly popular as an advertising tool, but with targeting becoming more broad, it has also become a source of lower quality leads.

In the olden days, paid social targeting was a lot more specific. It allowed marketers to reach smaller but more relevant audiences. Now, platforms like Meta and TikTok are getting rid of detailed targeting options and replacing them with lookalike audiences.

Lookalike audiences are based on behavioral patterns, but there isn’t always a lot of information on what these audiences are actually composed of. This lack of precision targeting can result in your ads reaching a large audience, with only a tiny percentage being relevant to your campaign.

For example, a 1% lookalike audience on Facebook can include 2.7 million people. (That’s huge!)

This is why advertisers are turning to Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO), which allow the algorithm to determine where to target based on the behavior of the audience. However, these campaigns also include broad targeting.

So while paid social media can be a valuable advertising tool, you need to be aware of the limitations of its targeting. As precision targeting becomes less available, you need to consider its impact on lead quality and adapt to the changes accordingly.

Personalize the Creative. 

Personalize the Creative. 

One way to improve the quality of your leads is by working on the creative — the images and videos in your ads. These should reflect the lead quality you are aiming for.

For example, if you’re targeting dentists, you can begin your video with “Attention dentists!” because it will help attract dentists who are more likely to engage with the ad.

It can also improve targeting. Platforms like Meta and TikTok will identify this behavior and target more dentists in the future.

Moreover, you should personalize your creative and call attention to the pain points of your target audience. In addressing these pain points, you are more likely to capture their attention and they are more likely to engage and take action.

Set the right Objectives.

Set the right Objectives

Image (Campaign Objective): Meta

An objective is the event that platforms like Meta and TikTok set up for people to complete. And one important aspect in getting high-quality leads on paid social is setting the right objective for your ad campaigns.

For instance, in a typical lead generation campaign for a dentist, the objective would be for a person to click on an ad, go to a landing page, fill out a lead form, arrive at a thank you page, and then have that information sent back to the platform. However, there are still ways to improve the quality of leads even after this objective is met.

For one thing, you can include additional down-funnel events in the process. Setting up a phone call or booking an appointment, to name a few. By doing this, you are allowing platforms like Facebook to better learn and identify who is the most ideal customer for you.

It’s also important to evaluate your funnel and identify where you can put a pixel to send data back to these platforms, and optimize off of that down-funnel function. In E-commerce, for example, you want to avoid optimizing for the Add To Cart objective because it doesn’t tell you if a person will actually buy from you.

So, setting the right objective for your campaigns is crucial in generating high-quality leads through paid social.

Ask Qualifying Questions.

Ask qualifying Questions.

Image (Qualifying Questions): Meta

Keep in mind that you’ll also need a specific volume of conversions in order to optimize your campaigns efficiently. 50 conversions per week is the goal. So if you’re only getting less than 5 down-funnel interactions per week, it’s not enough to optimize your campaign.

You can further improve lead quality by asking qualifying questions in your lead form. For example, if you’re targeting dentists, you can ask them how many offices they have. This will allow you to filter your data and reach the dentists that have more than one location, which will give you a better lead quality.

Use Third Party Data.

Use Third Party Data.

Third-party companies such as or Clearbit offer software that clean up the data being sent to Meta and TikTok. This makes it more controlled and targeted.

However, these solutions are costly. Prices start from around $25,000 per year and require a high spend.

Additionally, these solutions may only be a short-term fix, as Meta and TikTok have more control over targeting capabilities. We’ve also tested this ourselves and found that these third-party solutions do not always improve your targeting.

Therefore, it’s beneficial to weigh the pros and cons as well as the costs and benefits before paying for a third-party data app in order to know if you have the budget for it.

Don’t use internal Lead Forms.

Don’t use internal Lead Forms.

Image (Lead Forms): Meta

Although there are many ways to improve lead quality, we definitely recommend avoiding the use of lead forms within platforms like Meta and TikTok.

Lead forms can negatively impact the cost per opportunity even if they may give you a lower cost per lead.

Instead, send potential leads to a landing page where they can learn more about your business and the reasons why they should continue to engage with your brand.

Focus on Speed To Lead! 

Focus on Speed To Lead! 

Another way to improve lead quality is to have a fast Speed To Lead process. This means that your sales team should follow up with leads ASAP, ideally within 5 minutes of submitting their information. This will keep your brand top of mind and increase the odds of closing the sale.

To add to that, continue the conversation with your leads even after they’ve signed up. Send them to a video that teaches them more about your product or service. Get them excited about the benefits of purchasing from you. This will improve lead quality by further qualifying the lead and making them more engaged.

In Conclusion


As targeting on platforms like Meta and TikTok become more advanced, you simply need to understand how to make the most of these changes in order to get better results. By working on your creative, setting up the right objectives, tracking the right metrics, asking qualifying questions, and more, you can optimize your campaigns and improve your lead quality.

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