Buying Video Ads on Fiverr: Why We Don’t Recommend It

Buying Video Ads on Fiverr: Why We Don't Recommend It

What’s so wrong with buying video ads on Fiverr? Certainly, it’s the more cost efficient option. Right? Well, you might have a point there. However, we weighed the pros and cons and ultimately came to the conclusion that although it can be cheaper, it still isn’t worth it. Today, we’re gonna tell you exactly why. Here are 2 reasons why we don’t recommend buying video ads on Fiverr.


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Affordability doesn’t always mean quality.

Affordability doesn't always mean quality.

Firstly, people go on Fiverr because it’s relatively cheap. You can hire someone to make videos for you and they’ll deliver it with all your requirements. The problem is, they don’t know anything about your brand and they most likely won’t do any research on you. You’re just paying for a wide range of video outcomes that really aren’t designed to be consumed on paid social. In fact, most of the time they’re only using images and adding motion to them which is honestly, useless motion. So what value do these videos have?

For instance, if your video features a bar of chocolate that moves side to side, there’s really no value in it. Instead, you should have visualizations of why that chocolate is so good. You can do so by showing the crunch of the chocolate, someone taking a bite, the process of the bar being made, and more. Simple videos like these can make all the difference.

Essentially on Fiverr, you’re taking a random shot with someone who isn’t gonna story board your creatives because they have little to no understanding of what makes a good creative. Overall, it’s a lower bar, no pun intended.

Creative is everything.

Creative is everything.

Second, you’ll be spending money on basic video ads that won’t deliver and eventually you’re gonna come to a conclusion a month or 2 and $1000 later that Facebook Ads suck. But in truth, you’re just using suboptimal creative. The solution is you need to invest in a good creative because that is the absolute difference maker. Terrible creative yields to terrible results.


You can find good creatives on Fiverr but chances are, you’re not going to. That’s why buying video ads on Fiverr isn’t a good use of your time and money. So, invest in high quality creative, keep your videos short and sweet, and always lead with your benefit in order to scale your business on Paid Social. Read our blog on the best tips on improving your Facebook video ad performance right here! 

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