5 Ways To Improve Your Facebook Video Ad Performance!

5 ways to improve your facebook video ad performance

Improve your Social Ads today! Here are the 5 things that can help you boost the clickthrough rates in your ads in order to improve your Facebook Video Ad performance. ?

Improve Your Facebook Video Ad Performance: Fast Forward

? Fast forward!

First up, SPEED UP your video so it doesn’t drive your audience away. The faster your content is, the shorter it will be and as a result, more people will be drawn to it.

Improve Your Facebook Video Ad Performance: Audio Captions

?️ Add audio captions.

Yes, 85% of video content on social media is consumed with the SOUND OFF. So if you have people speaking in your videos, you should add audio captions. Otherwise, people who are watching without the sound will scroll away. This means they will miss out on the amazing content you create and you could lose a lot of your audience too.

Improve Your Facebook Video Ad Performance: Cut Scenes

? Cut scenes.

Keep it SHORT and sweet. If you study your video through the editing process, you’ll notice there are always parts that can be cut out to keep it brief. This is important because most people skip on ads that are longer than 15 seconds.

Improve Your Facebook Video Ad Performance: Thumbnails

?️ Manually test out thumbnails.

A THUMBNAIL is the first thing people see in your ad. If it’s enticing to them, they’ll stick around for more but if not, they will click away. So you should test out different thumbnails to see which one performs best. Then, you can use the winning creative for your ad!

Improve Your Facebook Video Ad Performance: Copy

? Swap out text.

You also need to test out different STYLES and formats to see what would look ideal for your video. That way, you can truly produce the best type of creative for your ad and eventually see results.

We hope this was helpful to your digital marketing strategies. With these 5 tips in mind, you can start to improve your Facebook Video Ad performance and scale your business! Stay tuned for more digital marketing tips and tricks. Watch the full video here and learn more about what we do today. ?

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