Yoga Flow Studio Ad Review: How this ad can be more flexible

Let’s review your social ads! Last month, you guys sent over your ads for us to review. Today, we have an entry from Amber Lombard (thank you, Amber!) for her yoga studio. Find out what we think of the ad in our Yoga Flow Studio Ad Review!

We’re reviewing this video paid social ad from Amber Lombard. Here are three things that she can be able to do to increase traffic to her yoga studio.

1️⃣ Number one, and this is going to be the biggest game changer, start the phone with you smiling and talking about what’s so great about your yoga studio because looking at this video, the yoga studio looks boring.

2️⃣ Number two, you could still use overlays like you’re currently using. However, right now in the video, that’s stock footage. Instead, use video clips from your studio and bring it to life within the ad.

3️⃣ Number three, what makes your yoga studio different? There’s probably dozens and dozens of yoga studios in the area so what makes you unique? Why should I go there instead of across the street? Do you have a ton of certified trainers? Do you have great ambience? Or do you have unique classes?

Whatever it is, you need to be able to make that stand out. That’s going to make it more likely for an audience not only to watch your video and interact with it but actually show up because they know what they’re getting.

Yoga Flow Studio Ad 

Thank you so much to Amber for sending in her ad! We hope you enjoyed our Yoga Flow Studio Ad Review.

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