Twizzlers Ad Review: Why this ad is twisting our brain

National Licorice Day may be over but we still have one more treat for you. Watch our Twizzlers Ad Review right here!

In this social ad, Twizzlers has me gnawing on sawdust. Here are three things they can be able to do to improve their video ad performance.

1️⃣  Number one, it’s too complex for five seconds. Instead of focusing in on their product, they throw you into space. This is totally cool if you have the time to explain it, but within five seconds you’re wondering why is Twizzlers in space and why is this person chewing on Twizzlers as they’re looking out?

2️⃣  Number two, and this can help rebuttal number one where it says “Chew on it” at the two and a half second mark, that should be at the beginning to give the audience a little bit more context to what’s going on, where it’s too quick, too fast. But if it starts in the beginning, the audience can wrap their heads around the concept quicker.

3️⃣ Number three, have the video be longer. At 10 to 15 seconds, you’re still optimal for how audiences consume short-form content. Plus, you’re going to be able to tell them a better story that’s more likely to be able to anchor them with your brand.

Twizzlers Ad

Speaker: Something on your mind? Chew on it. Twizzlers.

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