Too Good To Go Ad Review: Why this ad is Too Good To Go!

Our Too Good To Go Ad Review will tell you why this TikTok ad is simply. . . too good to go. Here’s why it’s a champion ad! 

Too Good To Go is saving advertising dollars and not burning cash with this paid social video. Here’s why.

For context, Too Good To Go is where you purchase surplus food from markets at a lower rate, which if you think about it is a pretty complex way of how do you story tell that? And Too Good To Go does it a great way!

They start the video addressing your problem. Do you want cheap food? Stop scrolling.

Then if you want to be able to have all this food at a cheaper rate and you’re visually seeing what you can be able to purchase at a lower cost, the audience is going to quickly understand, “Hey, I can be able to get something from this.”

Additionally, instead of trying to have a visualization that starts off with restaurants having surplus food and how you can be able to get that cheaper, or is that food going to be right for me? Because there could be a whole variety, that’s confusing.

So they do it a great way by simplifying it at the beginning. And at the end, they tell you about it, but they don’t over confuse you with visualizations.

That’s why keeping it simple can make your sales triple.

Too Good To Go Ad

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