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Here’s the complete transcript of our Thryve Ad Review:

Gabe: Hey, welcome to Social Facqts where we review social ads based on best practices for social media to help you become a better advertiser. Today, we’re going to be looking at Thryve, a gut health company that gives you probiotics based off an analysis of the poop that you give them. So let’s go ahead, sniff that first video.

Thryve Ad 1

Thryve Ad Review

Speaker 2: Let’s talk about your poop. You may not know this, but your poops are a direct representation of how healthy your body is on the inside. Inside your gut live trillions of bacteria. When this bacteria is not balanced, all sorts of bad things happen. Even your daily happiness is impacted by your gut health. You have to solve the root of the problem.

Introducing Thryve. All you have to do is take our Thryve test from the comfort of your home and send it back to us. That will give us all the information we need to create a probiotic that’s perfectly personalized to you. To make sure that your gut is beautifully balanced, as it should be. Click the link below to get your test kit today.


Gabe: Starting off, this video is really confusing. 85% of the audience isn’t going to be listening with the sound on, and there’s no captions so the audience isn’t able to follow along and it just looks like a poop joke. Which it is, but if you’re not giving context to why you’re telling a poop joke, the audience isn’t going to care and they’re going to more likely scroll past the video.

At the 33rd second, we get the ultimate benefit of the video, where you can get a personalized probiotics based on your gut health. But by that time it’s too late. There’s already been a dramatic drop off in the audience consuming the video, and plus the visualization is pretty weak when we’re talking about what the benefit is. It’s nice to have a picture of the product that they have, but it doesn’t give me a deep understanding of what benefits I’m going to have from personalized probiotics. It said earlier in the video that yeah, it is going to improve my happiness, but is that it? Is there anything more?


Overall, I give the video 3.5 out of 10. It’s a little gimmicky and it doesn’t lead with the benefit, which gets me lost in wondering why I’m watching the video at all.

All right, now let’s get into video number two.

Thryve Ad 2

Thryve Ad Review


Gabe: Here’s a great tip, split screen videos can dramatically improve your video’s performance because they allow the audience to be able to see a before and after and are able to instantly conceptualize what the benefit is of your product. Because of that, I bet you this video is getting decent performance. While it may not be the strongest in terms of storytelling, the audience is able to understand within three seconds that they’re able to get better gut health with Thryve.

Things get a little weird on the next scene. I can’t even understand. I mean I understand what’s going on, it’s just very weird that this will be the next visualization, where it says trust your gut, protect your immunity. But visually I have no idea what’s going on and why they would even show that. That’s such a disconnect from the first visual.

The video gets quickly back on course with the next scene by listing the benefits of Thryve, where it says, “Improve your digestion, modulate your autoimmunity, improve your mood, increase energy levels, feel and look great. And the visualization on the left hand side speaks to those benefits as well. I wish they put this scene before that weird visual, but it definitely does help the audience get a deeper understanding of what Thryve will do for them and how it’s going to improve your gut or why you’d want to improve your gut with Thryve.

Is this the most powerful storytelling that Thryve can do through video? No, but it’s great resourcefulness to be able to use still images and still be able to get a strong message to the audiences understanding what the benefit is for actually clicking on the ad.


Overall, the video’s a 6 out of 10. Besides that weird scene, the video does a good job of telling what the benefits are of Thryve. Plus it’s under 15 seconds as well, which means it’s going to be optimal for more placements like Stories.

Now let’s check out the third video.

Thryve Ad 3

Thryve Ad Review


Gabe: You know, I don’t hate this opening scene. Visually I’m able to understand that within three seconds they’re able to help my gut. It’s just I don’t know why I want to fix my gut. It says “more like fix your life.” What does that mean? Am I going to get a new pony next week? Because that will definitely fix my life. Jokes aside, “more like fix your life” is too vague for the audience to take action on. Instead you can have a split screen and then on the other side show the different benefits that they can be able to get with Thryve that’s going to happen once they change their gut health.


Overall, I give the video a 5 out of 10. So what do you think about the critiques? Let us know in the comments below.

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