The Perfect Jean Ad Review: Why this ad is SO GOOD

This ad from The Perfect Jean is scaling their paid social results like crazy but it’s NOT for the reasons that you think! Welcome to our The Perfect Jean Ad Review.

This paid social video by The Perfect Jean is doing something smart that almost no social media advertisers are doing right now. And it’s not the sexual undertone.

What are they doing?


They’re using modules in their videos to improve performance.

So with that opening scene, it’s just patched into the rest of the video. Hence, they can be able to test different opening scenes to see what is going to best capture the audience’s attention.

And if it’s done well like this video, have it be relevant to the rest of the video.

Why is this important?


Because the first couple of seconds are the most impactful on paid social and by testing different opening scenes, it increases the likelihood that you’re going to get a new champion video.

The Perfect Jean Ad

In short, that’s why this Instagram ad is so good. If you enjoyed our The Perfect Jean Ad Review, we recommend you also check out the rest of our reviews. Click right here. We’ve covered lots of different social media ads!

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