Square Enix Ad Review: Why this ad is winning the game!

Happy National Video Games Day! Check out our Square Enix Ad Review to see why they’re winning the game with their social ad for The DioField Chronicle.

DioField is one-upping the competition with this paid social ad, and here are three reasons why.

1️⃣ Number one, they’re not just leading with the benefits, they’re leading with a quest. This is going to get the audience a farther true north, which is going to encourage them to consume more of the storyline. Not just on the video, but on the game itself, because now they’re invested to be able to experience that quest and complete that journey.

2️⃣ Number two, I thought this was really smart. They have two CTAs. They have one after about 10 seconds and one at the end of the video as well. If you wait until the end of the video to have a CTA, the audience is going to become so small at that particular time that there’s going to be less volume of people who are going to be aware of it at the end.

By putting it at the ten second mark, you’re getting a higher volume to be aware that they should click now and download the app.

“The gameplay visualizations do a great job of following along with the audible narrative.”


3️⃣ Number three, the gameplay visualizations do a great job of following along with the audible narrative. When they say, “United together,” you see a gameplay visualization of people playing defensive. And when the female lead says, “I want to fight alongside you,” you see a visualization of her fighting alongside them.

This gets the audience a deeper connection to that story. Furthermore, it’s going to encourage them to have a higher engagement with the ad. Great job!

Square Enix Ad

As a result, they’re winning the paid social game!

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