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Here’s the complete transcript of our Chocolate Ad Reviews: 

Gabe: And to be honest, when they say natural cocoa sweetness, that really doesn’t get my taste buds watering enough to want to be able to click on the ad.

Hi, my name is Gabe, and this is Social Facts, where we review social ads based on social media ad best practices to help you become a better advertiser. And today, we’re gonna be playing a little game. We’re gonna be reviewing 3 different ads from 3 different chocolate companies. And we’re going to have you rank these ads based on what you think gets the best performance in social media, the middle performer, and the low performer. So I hope you got your taste buds ready. Our first video comes from Santa Barbara Chocolate.

Santa Barbara Chocolate Ad

chocolate ad review

Speaker: Chocolate comes from the cacao fruit. For the first time, experience chocolate made entirely from the cacao fruit itself. Sweet nature with no other ingredients. The future of chocolate is here for you.

Gabe: Our second video comes from World Wide Chocolate.

World Wide Chocolate Ad

chocolate ad review

Gabe: Third video comes from A’Cappella Chocolate.

A’Cappella Chocolate Ad

chocolate ad review

Gabe: Now go ahead and pause the video if you need to and rank each video based on what you think is going to be the top performer, the middle performer, and the low performer for paid social.

Santa Barbara Chocolate Ad Review

The first video that we’re digging into is cacao chocolate. And while I really like the idea that they get chocolate directly from the cacao fruit, if I’m watching this on my social feed, there’s no captions. So I’m not able to visually follow along. And the opening scene that they have is a fruit plant. And I have no idea that they’re selling chocolate.

If they add captions, they’re going to give extra context for me to be able to understand that they’re actually selling chocolate. Also, they could be doing a better job of visualizing their chocolate, which doesn’t come til halfway through the video. And to be honest, when they say natural cocoa sweetness, that really doesn’t get my taste buds watering enough to want to be able to click on the ad.

World Wide Chocolate Ad Review

Next up is Worldwide Chocolate, and I love their opening scene. You get great product shots of their cocoa bean and just the chocolate being processed. Plus, the headline at the top of the video says, “Premium chocolate from around the world.” So you get the additional context that you’re going to be able to get a variety of chocolates.

Plus, going through the process of making that chocolate gives it more authenticity as well. What’s great about this ad too, is it’s completely visual. So the audience doesn’t even need to turn the sound on to be able to follow the story and understand what the benefit of the ad is.

A’Cappella Chocolate Ad

The third video we’re looking at is A’Cappella Chocolate. And for a first touch audience who’s consuming this video, they’re not going to know what that opening scene is of different balls of chocolate. Plus, what A’Cappella really falls short in is they’re looking to story tell that you can be able to take these balls of chocolate and be able to dump them into your milk, into your coffee.

However, if you’re looking to be able to tell that story 15 seconds in, the vast majority of the audience who started consuming is not going to be there long enough to know what these balls of chocolate that they do in the opening scene are actually for. They could also have optimal dimensions. Right now, they’re using landscape. But if they use square or portrait, they’re going to take a larger real estate in the audience’s phone as well.


Overall, we rank World Wide Chocolate at number 1, with Santa Barbara Chocolate at number 2, and A’Cappella Chocolate at number 3. So what do you think? Do you agree? Do you disagree? Let us know in the comments below.

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