Revolution Skincare Ad Review: Why this ad is so smooth!

This TikTok ad is top notch because of a very good reason. Let’s dive into it in our Revolution Skincare Ad Review.

Not to rub it in but Revolution Skincare is killing it with this TikTok ad because of this one reason.

It has varied scenes.

Actually, it has 5 varied scenes in 6 seconds.

TikTok says that the top 99% of ads for E-commerce are all going to have varied scenes.

And if you post organically, you’re going to see an average 40% lift because of those varied scenes.

Why do varied scenes work so well?

1️⃣ They avoid eye fatigue.

2️⃣ They keep the audience engaged.

3️⃣ They have better storytelling which is going to get the audience even further engaged.

If you’re selling a good product or service, you’re going to see an increase in performance if the audience is more engaged with your video.

Revolution Skincare Ad

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