Eco-Friendly Ads Ranked!

Today on Tier Facqts, we’re ranking eco-friendly ads from 9 different eco-friendly brands. Let us know if you agree with our list. Here’s the full video!


What’s going on? My name is Gabe, and we’re about to rank these nine different eco-friendly ads based on their performance on Social Media Advertising. Now, before we get in too deep, always remember that it’s much easier to critique than to create. So, much kudos to the creators. Let’s get into it!

We’re also going to be critiquing these videos based on acquisition and not brand. So that means the likelihood that an audience actually clicks on the ad and then goes through and purchases the product. We’re not going to be talking about brand. It’s strictly acquisition. We’re just going to give you the straight facts.

Eco-Friendly Ads: Tier List

Then we’re going to be ranking these videos into four different tiers. So number one is it Can Save The Planet. The next, right below that, is Welcome To The Green Team. The third is it Needs Recycling. And then the fourth is, it’s just Non-Biodegradable. So now that we’ve got everything going, let’s start the first video, which is Bambu.


So the video starts with the person wrapping with the spoons or the kitchenware on the right, but that’s not prominent in the creative. The first thing that comes to attention is just the person packaging and it does not tell me anything that’s special about the product.

It’s just cute. But cute doesn’t get me to actually click, because what gets me to click is I objectively want to know what’s special about this product. How is this product going to make my life better? Not only does it fail to put the product front and center, it doesn’t tell me anything about the product at all.

So I have to read the copy and the headline in order to understand what makes the product different. However, that’s in my second and third tier. The headline’s second and then the primary text is in my third tier of attention.

If the creative doesn’t catch me and captivate me to let me know why I should care, I ain’t going to care and I ain’t going read. I’m going to go right past it. You need to have that messaging prominent in your creative. Don’t let the copy do that for you. You need to do that in the video.

Also, there is no captions. There is no headlines in the video for me to be able to follow along with the sound off. By the way, all these videos are going to be reviewed with the sound off because that’s how the majority of people watch videos on social media, that is on Facebook and Instagram. So Bambu, am I a hater? Yeah, I’m a hater. It does not tell me anything about the product.

Bathing Culture

All right. Let’s get into Bathing Culture. Oh man, this one’s worse. It’s funny. Somebody putting a blanket in a lake and they’re jumping on the blanket like they’ve just given up on life. Cool. Funny. What product are you selling?

If you aren’t talking about it in the copy, ain’t nobody going to be caring or the vast majority of people ain’t going to be caring. This is the worst of the worst. It doesn’t tell me anything about the product.

I imagine that they ran this (hopefully there were more video ads that they had) and this one just got the smallest distribution because pretty much any video ad that talks about the product is going to get better budget ad distribution. But just like the fail of the person jumping into the lake, this video ad is a fail.

Beau Capsules

All right. Beau Capsules. Cool. So the first time I watched this video, I had no idea what was going on. They do say in the bottom captions that, “these are Beau refillable coffee capsules.”

However, all the motion was getting my eyes to gravitate to the unpackaging. Unpackaging is not a bad strategy, but with everything going on, I had no idea what they were unpackaging and I wasn’t reading the captions below.

As I’m going through the product, I’m like, “Okay, what is this?” This is something metal. I don’t really know. Unpackaging. Cool. And then they start talking about “You can use them with your favorite coffee” at the 11th second. So they should have a much stronger opening to let the audience know why they should care about the video. 

We also see that this could be much more concise. You don’t need to spend so much time. Remember, optimal is 15 seconds or less. A lot of scenes can be cut. Then they talk about how you can be able to reuse them at the end. That should have been more towards the beginning.

You can chop this video up, change the captions around and I can guarantee you can get a better performing video. Also, you should be growth hacking and testing out different modules with the video if you are experienced in testing videos on social media.

It’s long too. How long is this video? 35 seconds. Yuck. Not yuck to all videos of 35 seconds, but you can do a much better job. There’s good content there. This, it Needs Recycling. It’s better than the first two, but it is not a standout video. 

Boba Tribe

All right. So let’s get into Boba Tribe. I love Boba Tea. This is one of the probably cheaper videos that was made and it does a good job. It calls out to its audience with the benefit.” If you love Boba Tea, you’re going to love this Boba Straw.” So specifically, it calls out the benefit within a few seconds.

I think they could do a better job of talking about using recyclable Boba Tea Straws while having a split screen because the audience is able to understand more conceptually within the split screen about a before and after — or they can be able to specifically show the straws being wasted by using the current Boba. But it’s not a bad opener at all.

The only thing that I am not a fan of is just how long it is but they do a good job talking about why metal straws are not optimal. And they talk about all the different benefits.

So instead of talking about a ton of benefits, it’s good to give the audience just one benefit, really, and have a simplified message. That way it’s more simple for them to be able to understand. I think that’s the big part where this video isn’t the strongest, but it is substantially better than the other videos that we have looked at. It’s just a little bit too long.

Now, that’s not saying that you should not have long videos. About 10 to 30% of your audience is going to have more of a long form mindset. So you want to have a minute long video in your arsenal. That way, you’re able to deliver a wider array of experiences based on what your current audience is.

Typically, long videos aren’t going to be your top performer. If that is the case, then your short videos suck. Anyways, that is a long way of saying Welcome To The Green Team, Boba Tribe. Good job.


Native Shoes. You don’t tell me anything. It’s an umbrella in a shoe. Why did you do that?

You’re not telling me anything that makes your product different. In the nicest way possible, I would throw this video in the trash. I would gently throw it in the trash — I wouldn’t just throw it.

Net Zero Co.

All right. Net Zero. Let us go in. Shampoo. So it starts with, “Shampoo is made up of 80% water.” Good, strong copy. But the visual, it is not a strong visual.

I wish that there could have been a better visual that would help me to better conceptualize that most shampoo is 80% water because you say “We remove the water.” Cool. Can you give me a stronger visual about that rather than just pouring your shampoo in a bottle? 

The visual doesn’t follow along and packaging in a compost box? Cool. “Made up to your standards, for all hair types, da, da, da, da, da. vegan formula.” Yeah, this is just too long. You’re telling me the benefits but the visuals aren’t strong.

In some cases they are and it’ll do okay, but especially the opening scene is not compelling. Net Zero, it’s also a long video too. You still Need Recycling.


All right. So let’s get into Rothy’s. I’ll say that from my experience, every time I’ve ran a text ad where you see a phone go, bup, bup, bup, where people are conversating, it’s typically not as strong. Actually, this is probably one of the better ads that does it.

If you just strictly have a text conversation going back and forth and there’s no product visuals, I truly believe you’re wasting that time. But they do a good job of being able to integrate both strategies in here. So it’s a clever way of using copy within the video.

“Your feet will thank you later. I can’t explain.” So they tell us the purpose is comfort on their shoes but they don’t do a good job of explaining why their shoes are more comfortable. Like, why? Somebody giving a testimonial is “talk is cheap.”

Anybody can be able to talk about how great your product is. Show me. You can pay a guy a hundred bucks. You can pay a girl a hundred bucks to talk dirty about your product. Show me what makes your product different. Anybody can do that.

You’re not as bad as Bathing Culture. Leaps and bounds. I almost want to put the other two in Needs Recycling, but they still are not that strong. Rothy’s, it’s okay. It’s going to give you okay performance, but that video’s not going to be your standout.

With confidence, if you’re testing a high variance in videos and you’re focusing on visualizing your benefit, you’re going to get a better performer fairly quick. But it’s not the worst in the world.


All right. Stasher. This is close to being good. It’s close to saving the planet. However, they just need a different angle. So what’s going on, the story they’re telling, is good. It’s concise. But that top visual, I have no idea what that is.

I understand that they’re reheating. But that could be a better visual to understand that they’re putting packaging in there, what they’re putting in that bag, or what’s going on. So instead of having a top down view, just have a side view. That’s a much stronger message.

“Serve yummy.” Cool. Yeah. And also, it would be better for this video if they talked about how it was reusable from the beginning. I don’t think they do. Yeah, they don’t. So we don’t know it’s reusable. This could be any other bag that you currently have. What makes it different? Just say “Reusable bag” in the beginning in a much better language.

Honestly, if you put that in the beginning, you’re probably going to get better performance because the audience understands what makes it different. Say that you have it with the side view and you lead with that benefit, you’re going to get better performance.

However, it is 16 seconds. It tells the good story. I like the way that they tell the story. So Welcome To The Green Team, Stasher.

Who Gives A Crap

All right. Who Gives A Crap. I like the strong visual. “Planet does not need any more plastic waste.” A strong visual. “Especially not plastic toilet paper wraps.” And then it goes to their product. “Carbon neutral shipping, a hundred percent.” So they’re giving all the benefits. “Order today. Who Gives A Crap.”

You know what? I give a crap. It’s good visuals. It tells the story. It’s a little bit long at 23 seconds. However, creative’s creative, and if you believe that you need a couple extra seconds for your message to be able to properly breathe and to tell a proper story, do 23 seconds. Don’t cut it down to 15 if you’re going be sloppy. And you know what? People may say, “Who gives a crap?” but you got to give a crap to save the planet.

Final Thoughts

And that is our top video of the eco products. Let us know what you think in the comments below. You can be able to watch the eco-friendly ads now. Let us know if you have any questions, what we got right, what we got wrong, and chat next time.

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