People’s Choice Ad Review: Why This Ad Is A Christmas Treat!

People’s Choice Beef Jerky’s social media ad is the perfect choice for Christmas! Watch our People’s Choice Ad Review to discover why.

A lot of kids are waking up this morning chewing on beef jerky because of this People’s Choice paid social ad. Here are three reasons why they convinced Santa to get them for stocking stuffers.

1️⃣ Number one, it is an influencer style video. So if you see this ad on TikTok, you’re going to see an increase in performance, because on that platform, the audience wants authenticity. Furthermore, they want to have the confidence that they’re not being lied to, that this jerky tastes like coal.

2️⃣ Number two, there’s an unboxing in the video, which is a good strategy to get the audience further engaged and further knowledgeable about what product they’re going to be purchasing.

3️⃣ Number three, there’s product shots throughout the video, which is going to get the audience more connected and familiar with the People’s Choice brand.

People’s Choice Beef Jerky Ad

Those are the 3 reasons why this TikTok Ad is superb. Thanks for watching our People’s Choice Ad Review! Additionally, if you learned a thing or two from this review, click here for more.

Lastly, Merry Christmas, everyone! Thank you for being a part of our amazing year. Cheers! 🥂

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