Palmer’s Ad Review: 1 Thing This TikTok Ad Needs

In our Palmer’s Ad Review, we discuss why this cocoa butter TikTok Ad from the brand needs only one thing to make it great!


Now, this is a smooth, paid social video from Palmer’s, but if they just did one more thing, they’d easily be able to boost up their sales with this video.

First though, let’s talk about the things that Palmer’s did, right.

It’s great length at 14 seconds.

The video starts with somebody smiling.

You see the product in the opening scene.

And then, you also see a headline that says, “The number one cocoa butter brand with 101 ways to use it.”

So, the audience is going to instantly know that we’re talking about cocoa butter, and it is a ton of uses, and you’re able to see those uses throughout the video.

The one thing that they’re not doing though is they’re not calling out what those 101 uses are.

Yes, visually they’re talking about the different places you can be able to apply. They even have it going on their hair. But an easy way you can be able to better get that messaging across is having text on the screen because visualizations are great. Having text is great. Having both is amazing. And that one little thing would increase the performance on this video.

Palmer’s Ad

That’s our Palmer’s Ad Review! Click here for more.


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