Paid Social: Optimal Dimensions For Social Ads

Paid Social: Optimal Dimensions For Social Ads

Dimensions are a big part of the construction of your social ad and Paid Social presence in general. But why are they important? And how much impact do they really have on your performance on Paid Social? Today, we’re gonna tell you all about it along with the optimal dimensions for social ads. So without further ado, here are the 3 main reasons why dimensions matter:

why dimensions matter


? It’s optimal for audience consumption. If you don’t have optimal dimensions, your text could be cropped out and a relevant portion of your ad won’t be visible. Or you could have too much room for text and very little room for creative. Following the right dimensions can help you avoid these issues and provide your audience with a better user experience.

? It provides more real estate on the audience screen. A landscape ad will take up very little space on your screen. But a square or portrait sized ad will take up half the screen and the full screen respectively. Hence, more real estate on mobile devices and laptop screens.

? You get more optimal placements on social media. There might be instances where you need a full screen video or image for your social ad. With optimal dimensions, you can have more placements on all the different social media platforms that work best for those sizes.

What are the optimal dimensions for Paid Social?

Here are the recommended creative optimal dimensions for video and image ads.

News Feed Ad Dimensions

? News Feed Ads

First up is the creative optimal dimensions for News Feed Ads. These are ads that are displayed on your news feed or timeline. The recommended size for these creatives is 1080 x 1080 or the SQUARE format. This will give you better real estate on the screen and since it’s square, it won’t take up the full space. Remember that when people scroll through their feed, they want to consume as much as possible. A square ad allows them to get a good view of your ad and still see everything happening with the rest of the page. This is why it’s the perfect format.

Story Ad Dimensions

Ad Image: Asana

? Story Ads

Instagram and Facebook Story Ads have become incredibly popular on Paid Social because Stories in general are an incredibly powerful tool. Just like regular stories, the optimal dimensions for these ads are 1080 x 1920 or the PORTRAIT format. Unlike News Feed Ads, you need your story to take up the full screen because they function better that way. Stories are told better in the vertical format because they are viewed as a whole from the top of the page to the bottom. Plus, the way your audience consumes stories is different from the way they consume their feed so you want your dimensions to be optimal for each placement.

Right Column Ad Dimensions

Ad Image: Buffer

➡️ Right Column Ads

Another ad that’s found on your feed is what’s simply referred to as Right Column Ads because they’re located on the right side of the page. Because these ads take up a smaller portion of the screen, the recommended dimensions are 1920 x 1080 or the LANDSCAPE format. There’s enough room for one small image and a short copy. So, the wider dimensions for these creatives are optimal.

In Conclusion

Dimensions have great impact on your ads so by following the optimal dimensions for social ads, you can have more real estate on social media and boost your Paid Social performance even more.

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