Paid Social: Optimal Length For Primary Text

Paid Social: Optimal Length For Primary Text

What is the optimal length for your primary text when it comes to Paid Social? It’s actually quite simple. The main idea is to keep it short. Most of your audience won’t take the time to read long text and they’ll be drawn to your creative first and foremost anyway. So here’s what you need to remember:

Optimal Length For Primary TextAd Image: Google

✍️ Primary Text (Copy)
This would be the main text above your creative. The recommended length is to keep it 1-2 sentences short. Audiences will see your video or image ad first and for most of them, that will be enough. So adding more words to your caption won’t be necessary. You just need to keep it at the minimum and choose words that will express your ad properly.

primary text

Ad Image: Nike

? Headline
Your headline is second to your creative in the Audience Tier of Attention. This means they notice the headline first before your actual caption so it has to be captivating in a few short words. You can draw people in by mentioning your benefit or calling out your target audience.

headlineAd Image: Uniqlo

? Description
Your description exists to supplement your headline which is why it’s located right below it but research shows that it doesn’t do much for performance. Therefore, adding a description isn’t something you need to do unless you feel it’s right for your social ad.

Ad Image: Forever 21

? To sum it all up, you have to let your writing complement your ad without overcrowding it with words! #THATSAFACQT

And that’s the optimal length for primary text on Paid Social! For more blogs like this, click here. You can also book a call with us so we can talk about your Paid Social Strategies.

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