Meta Ads: Why do so many ads get rejected? + 3 ways to get approved

Meta Ads: Why do so many ads get rejected? + How to get approved

Did the Meta Ads Policy Police reject your ad right after you submitted it for review? Well, we might be able to break down why this happens a lot.


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Yes, the system (a.k.a. the computer) reviews your ads but so do real people. So, sometimes the system approves or rejects your ad first and an actual person evaluates it later. Other times, they submit your ad directly for manual review which means a human being will study it themselves and it will result in the process taking more time. However, most times, the machine is the only thing that reviews your ad.

These are pretty much the main reasons why Meta can review submissions so quickly or why they can take up to 24 hours to do so. But the best way we can manage is to simply comply with all of their guidelines. We must check all the boxes to follow the dos and avoid the don’ts.

And remember, if you get rejected, the situation is only temporary. There’s always a way to turn it around, especially if you didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, here are a few things that might help you!

How to get your ads approved and appealed when rejected:


1. Be upfront about what you’re selling. In other words, have a clear message and express that message in your ad creative, copy, and headline as thoroughly as you can.

❌  Wrong: “Amazing new product that will change your life! CLICK NOW.”
✅  Right: “Our best-selling coconut oil with anti-oxidants is now available in a 1L bottle.”

2. Don’t call people out without context. Meta does not approve of ads that are too personal. For example, ads that are too specific in calling out their target. The solution is to cater to a few by catering to all.

Wrong: “Manage your anxiety with our new app.”
Right: “5 Ways To Manage Anxiety.”


Wrong: “The perfect skincare solution for women in their 30s just like you”
Right: “The perfect skincare solution for women”

3. Make sure your ads are not deceiving. If you’re advertising a product, your ad should direct people to the URL of that product because what you want to promote should be exactly what you advertise.

Wrong: Advertising a Free 30 Day Trial and immediately asking for a fee when they click on your website.
Right: Advertising a Free 30 Day Trial and directing people to an easy step-by-step process to help them start.

In conclusion

To sum it up, your ads will have a better chance of approval if you choose to be transparent with your audience. Hence, we should always advertise clearly and concisely.

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