Kylie Cosmetics Ad Review: Why this ad is a great lipstick ad!

Today, we’re reviewing a social media ad from Kylie Cosmetics! Check out our 1-minute Kylie Cosmetics Ad Review right here.

Kylie Jenner just doesn’t run organic Instagram. Here are three reasons why her paid social ad is kicking butt!

1️⃣ Number one, they’re using faces throughout the video, which is going to stop the audience from scrolling. This will also increase the likelihood of them engaging and clicking on the ad.

2️⃣ Number two, speaking of faces, it’s great for product placements when that face is showing the product being used. They’re having the product actually being held up as well. So that’s going to give the audience a deeper tie to the product. This is again going to increase the likelihood of them engaging and clicking on the ad.

3️⃣ Number three, they use copy to better story tell what the benefits of the lipstick are, like smudge resistance, no dry, creamy formula. So the audience is able to get a deeper understanding of what the actual benefit is for them. In addition to that, they have good visualizations that are able to support that copy. Therefore, this is going to give that audience a layered understanding and a deeper connection to the product at whole.


Kylie Cosmetics Ad


That’s it for our Kylie Cosmetics Ad Review! We hope you enjoyed it. Click here for more.

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