Joker Greeting Ad Review: Why this Valentine’s Day ad got rejected

Joker Greeting’s social media ad for Valentine’s Day only needs to change one thing to make it work. Watch our Joker Greeting Ad Review to discover why.

This Valentine video ad from Joker Greeting is getting denied by its audience for one reason. Here’s how they can fix it.

❌ Problem

🔇 85% of the content on Meta social feeds are consumed with the sound off. That means when people are watching this video, the vast majority of them aren’t able to understand what’s going on because they can’t listen to sound.

✅ Solution

So, an easy way they can be able to improve performance is to have a deeper visualization about what’s going on.

Do a split screen and on the top half, have somebody opening the card and enjoying the song that they’re listening to.

What this is going to do is (A) their facial recognition will catch the audience’s attention, and (B) it’s also going to give them a deeper storytelling experience, which will then further encourage them to engage with the ad and purchase the product for themselves.

Joker Greeting Ad

Split screen also allows you to get creative with your ads. In conclusion, it’s a great strategy. Thanks for watching and reading our Joker Greeting Ad Review. Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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