Instagram Ad Review: Why this ad is top tier advertising!

Happy Social Media Day! What better way to celebrate today than to talk about the reasons why this ad from Instagram is so good? Welcome to our official Instagram Ad Review!

For Social Media Day, we’re analyzing a video ad from Instagram, the king of social media right now. Right now. Here are three things they did in their ad that you can be able to do to improve the performance on yours too.


1️⃣ Number one, they lead with their logo. This is going to have the highest volume of people who are aware that they were delivered an ad from Instagram. The good thing that they do is it’s not just their logo taking up the entire screen. It also blends in with the video ad itself. So, this is going to be a good mix of branding and acquisition as well.


2️⃣ Number two, they do a great job of visualizing their benefit. When the guy comes in and starts doing the shimmy, you can already get a conceptualization of where they’re going with the ad. Then, having it say “remix reels with friends” gets that deeper connection so the audience is going to have a better understanding of why they’re actually watching the ad.


3️⃣ Number three, they do a good job of supporting the opening scene and using the power of three. By using two different additional examples of the remix reels, the audience will have a better understanding about how they can be able to use the product themselves.


Instagram Ad 

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