Instacart Ad Review: Why this ad doesn’t match the narrative

Instacart’s influencer ad about garlic is a clove away from rotting. Watch our Instacart Ad Review for National Garlic Day to discover the reasons why!

Not all influencer ads are equal. Here’s a great example of how the narrative of an influencer ad doesn’t match the narrative of what the brand is selling.

🛒 Now, I get what Instacart is doing. This is probably made for TikTok where you don’t want to be sales-y at all. But the narrative of the video is about how you can bottle garlic yourself. And the only time it’s tied to Instacart is with an overlay 16 seconds in that says “Free delivery on your first order.”

🧄 So, I can get free delivery for bottled garlic on my first order. But then they continue the messaging about how I can make it at home.

❌ That’s not the strongest narrative nor is it the strongest brand positioning you can be doing with an ad.

🤔 As a result, this is going to make the audience more confused, which is going to give them less direction, which in turn is going to decrease the performance of the ad.

💨 Plus, there’s a fart sound at the end of the video too, which just makes this even more of a stinky rose.

Instacart Ad

In summary, it’s important to make sure your visuals match the story you’re trying to tell. Also, keep it simple.

We hope you learned a few things from our Instacart Ad Review! Feel free to click here for more. We’ve got tons of ad reviews from your favorite brands. 


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