Hismile Ad Review: Why this TikTok ad is rooted in bad practices

Check out our Hismile Ad Review to learn how the brand can brighten up their paid social performance.

Hismile could be smiling all the way to the bank with this paid social video. The problem? There’s just too much plaque in order for it to be able to shine. Here’s why.

Before we get to the root of my pain in this video, there are three things that they can also be able to fix.

1️⃣ Number one, just add captions. Have the audience be able to read along, especially in a sound off world so they can have better context of what’s going on.

2️⃣ Number two, 55 seconds is way too long. If a 55-second video is your best performing video, most likely that means your short form videos suck.

3️⃣ Number three, what they did is they just grabbed some audio and they’re like, “Hey, this is kind of cool” and they just threw in a bunch of B-Roll. Because of that random B-Roll, it doesn’t feel like it’s a natural video. Overall, there’s just too much going on.

But what grinds my teeth is this video is trying to stuff something down my throat and sell me hard.

If you throw this on TikTok, it’s going to flop because it is not authentic. Having an authentic message is going to better resonate with the audience and in turn is going to be able to improve your conversion rate as well.

Hismile Ad

Those are the ways Hismile can improve their TikTok ad.

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