Hello Fresh Ad Review: Why this TikTok ad is getting more leads!

Watch our Hello Fresh Ad Review to discover why this TikTok ad is getting more leads!

This paid social video from Hello Fresh is getting a hearty amount of leads because of this one reason.

Now, I’m not the biggest fan of the supporting sequence.

The script is great, but the B-Roll visualizations are rather weak when they’re tied into the script.

Like when it talks about how much Hello Fresh can be able to save you money, it’s just a zoomed in scene, and it’s really hard to be able to understand what they’re even zooming in on.


Thus, a side by side comparison of how they used to spend money on food versus what they’re currently doing with Hello Fresh would be a good comparison.

🏆 HOWEVER, because it solves a problem and it solves a problem in that opening scene, the video is going to do well.

Hello Fresh Ad

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