Evergreen Waffles Ad Review: Why this ad isn’t evergreen

Happy International Waffle Day! Today, we present our Evergreen Waffles Ad Review! What did we think of their ad? Watch the video to find out!

Three reasons why this paid social video ad from Evergreen Waffles should not be their evergreen video ad.

1️⃣  Number one, the video starts off with weird vibes. I get what they’re trying to do to be able to build up tension. However, that’s counterintuitive for how audiences consume on social media. And the whole time, I just feel anxious. Just please tell me, why am I watching this? I’m going to scroll right past.

2️⃣ Number two, they really don’t tell me anything special about their waffles. Yeah, you can be able to heat and eat, which they don’t show that visualization. So really, what’s the difference between that and an Eggo?

3️⃣ Number three, I bet their best benefit is at their end card, where it says “just a few ingredients in a waffle of goodness.” Which is a pretty catchy line but you put it at the end card. The audience isn’t going to be aware of it and you’re not having any visualizations about what I believe is your best benefit.

Evergreen Waffles Ad

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