Don’t Microtarget. Here’s why in 200 words.

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Don’t microtarget your audience on Meta Ads. Why? Let’s discuss!


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What is microtargeting? To put it simply, it’s when you create several different ad sets in one campaign with the goal of sending your ads to more people.

But we don’t recommend this strategy for one reason — we don’t know our audience’s interests and behaviors better than machine learning does. We don’t know the things they like, how they act, what they want, and what they do. In short, we are not more intelligent than the system and ultimately if we give enough data to Meta, they’ll know our audience better than we will. So by microtargeting, we are limiting their machine learning’s capabilities in finding our ideal audience for us.

Platforms like Meta Advertising work best if you give them more control over the delivery of your ads. So don’t microtarget. Instead, when crafting your campaigns, stick to 1 or 2 ad sets and audiences and work from there. We can guarantee you will see much better results this way. When it comes to Paid Social, less is often always more.

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