Days United Ad Review: 1 Reason Why This Ad Isn’t Performing

Days United just needs to do one thing to improve the performance of their social media ad for Hanukkah. Watch our Days United Ad Review to discover what that is!

This is a good Hanukkah paid social ad from Days United, but there is one reason why it is not lighting up performance.

Before we get overly critical, let’s celebrate this opening scene because within three seconds, you’re able to understand that you’re going to get a Hanukkah gift box that you’re going to be able to celebrate the holidays with. And it’s going to take me much longer to be able to describe that than for you to be able to visually understand.

Where the dreidel doesn’t spin is you see all of these visuals, but you don’t know what they are.

If they had closeup product shots, you’d be able to know that they have color coded Hanukkah candles. They have boxes for jelly donuts, they have dreidels.

And the better you’re able to story tell, the more attached the audience is going to become. And, the better performance you’re going to get.

Day’s United Ad

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