Cat Person Ad Review: Why this ad is purr-fect!

What makes this TikTok ad from Cat Person really good? Let’s find out in our Cat Person Ad Review!

This cat video from Cat Person is getting strong results because of one whisker-raising question.

Truth is, people care more about their pet’s health than they do their own. So, starting the video asking if your cat’s getting enough protein and then having an indicator to see if your cat is or isn’t, is gonna create a deep emotional response for the audience to engage with the ad.

Once Cat Person has the audience engaged, they let them know they can be able to solve that problem with protein rich meals.

The one thing is I’m a little worried about the length. 45 seconds is a bit too long. But nonetheless, this is a strong ad that’s going to get strong kittens and a strong performance.

Cat Person Ad

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