Cameo Ad Review: How to fix this ad

Watch our official Cameo Ad Review to learn why the brand is ruining their paid social game with this ad.

Here are three different ways that Cameo can up their business with this paid social ad.

1️⃣ Number one, when they say, “Wish you had ads like this,” what do you mean? If I don’t know who Cameo is and this is my first time being exposed to them, what do you mean?
2️⃣ Number two, instead of having texts, it just says, “Easy access to talent, price transparency,” and so on. Show relevant B-roll that’s going to give the audience a deeper connection to what access to talent means, or price transparency.
3️⃣ Number three, and maybe it’s just me, but I don’t care too much about price transparency. I’m reaching out to Cameo because they have influencers that can better influence my ad performance and give me a better ROI. And I think that’s something that they should be able to highlight.
Instead of talking about nickels and dimes, talk about the dollars that you can be able to get back with Cameo Business.

Cameo Ad

In conclusion, that’s how they can improve their social media ad. That’s our Cameo Ad Review! Click here for more.


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