Bumble Ad Review: Why we’re swiping left on this ad

Bumble is getting less swipes with this TikTok ad. Watch our Bumble Ad Review to learn the reasons why.

To be clear, I don’t 100% hate the ad and I would still certainly test it. However, if I had to take a guess going in, there’s more people swiping left than right on this Bumble ad.

✔️ One thing to be aware of with social video ads is the audience is being thrown right into your story. So it’s going to take them a little time to be able to understand exactly what is going on. And for me, when I’m reading that text thread, it’s going so fast that I don’t understand the problem.

😕 For instance, who’s Brad? Who’s Joe? The more confusion given to the audience, the less confidence they’re going to have to interact with the actual ad.

💬 Also, the messaging on the video ad is pretty shallow. Don’t have anything going on because your friends are busy? Download the app. Maybe you can find something to do tonight.

And that’s going to reflect on how the audience interacts with the app itself. So you’re gonna get less dedication and you’re going to get less meaningful days with it as well.

Bumble Ad

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