Boba Tribe Ad Review: How this ad can be recycled

In honor of National Bubble Tea Day, we’re reviewing a social ad from a Bubble Tea brand! So, do we think this ad from Boba Tribe is tea-rrific or tea-rrible? Watch our Boba Tribe Ad Review to find out!

Boba Tribe is throwing away cash with this paid social ad. Here are three different ways that they can be able to recycle it, to get their ROAS up.

1️⃣  Number one. To start, the opening scene really isn’t that compelling. Yeah, paper straws can suck here or there, but predominantly, you go to a Boba shop, they’re going to have plastic straws which you’re going to have to throw away with waste. And that’s where I think they should be embodying the messaging about being less wasteful with their straws.

2️⃣ Number two. The messaging is a little bit off. When they say “this is how I drink boba now,” it’s not like you’re drinking the boba better at all. Actually, it’s taking you even longer to be able to drink the boba because you’re getting your straw ready.

3️⃣ Number three, and this could be the most impactful part, is they’re not highlighting the keychain early enough. Forget about the straw. You carry that around your keychain, that is definitely going to aesthetically push you forward and it can be able to push forward the brand as well.

Boba Tribe Ad

Speaker: How I used to drink Boba. . .

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