Audience Tier of Attention for Paid Social Ads

Audience Tier of Attention for Paid Social Ads

What is the Audience Tier of Attention for Paid Social Ads? It’s a way to determine which elements of a social ad garner the most attention from your audience. It ranks all 5 main elements by order of importance or in other words, which parts are consumed first.

audience tier of attention

? Creative

This one should be no surprise. Anyone who’s seen any social ad online will agree that the first thing we all pay attention to is the ad’s creative. It takes up the biggest portion of the screen and it’s the most interesting part. Whether it comes in the form of a video or an image, the creative is what draws people in first.

? Headline

Next up is the ad’s headline, which is the bolded text at the bottom of the ad. We recommend keeping the headline short (under 40 characters to be exact) because people tune out if your text is too long.

? Primary Text

Previously known as the ad’s copy, the primary text is located above the creative and it’s where you can express the benefits of your ad in more depth. We recommend keeping it at 125 characters or 1-2 sentences because people don’t like reading long text. In fact, most of them will only look at the creative so keeping it short and sweet is ideal.

? Brand

Fourth on the Audience Tier of Attention is your brand, which is basically your profile picture and name. Typically, brands would have their logo as their display image as it makes it clearer to the audience that they mean business.

? Engagement

Fifth and last on this list is your ad’s engagement. These are the number of likes, reactions, comments, and shares your ad is receiving from people. It’s one way for you and your audience to determine how well your ad is performing and how people are responding to it.

What surprised you the most about the Audience Tier of Attention for Paid Social ads? Do you think your creative is the best part of your social ad? Book a call with us anytime so we can discuss your strategy.

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