5 Ways To Improve Facebook Video Ads Performance

1) Fast forward your video

Audiences consume faster then you think. As a common practice, I always fast forward every top-performing video by 10-15%. Even with the audio being distorted I’ve seen the CPA drop by 10%

2)Add audio captions

85% of the audience listens with the sound off, you want to make sure your audience can understand your messaging without turning on their volume. Plus you’d be surprised at just how many people read audio captions, even with the sound on.

3) Cut a scene

You’ve spent all that time making a creative and it’s doing well. Then after staring at a million times you notice 5 seconds where the video is talking mumbo jumbo and doesn’t really ad much value. So cut it out and put on a graphic overlay if you need to hide the visual cut. You’d be surprised at how much 5 secs matter.

4) Manually test thumbnails

Facebook knows this important, that’s why they’re already testing different screenshots of your video but what do you think will get more clicks, a random face shot or a thumbnail using best practices.

5) Swap out text

If you have text in the video, swap out a different copy. You know all those copy variations that got rejected in the endless critique, Now they won’t go to the creative gutter like everything else. 

Bonus Tip:

If you’re cutting with any scenes are adjusting the copy, the closer those edits are to the beginning, the larger impact and the less time it’ll take to get measurable results. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference makes from adjusting the 3rd second when compared to adjusting at the 12th second.

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