4-Step Scorecard For Improving Your Video Ads!

4-Step Scorecard For Improving Your Video Ads

With our 4-Step Scorecard, you can have a better understanding of why your video ads aren’t performing well and learn exactly what you can do to improve them!

4-Step Scorecard: Visual storytelling is key!


? Visual storytelling is key! (4 POINTS)

It’s important to express the benefits of your business to your audience VISUALLY. Show them exactly what they can sign up for in your ad so it can give them a clearer understanding of your brand.


4-Step Scorecard: Captivate your audience.


? Captivate your audience. (3 POINTS)

You always have to make sure to win your audience with your creative in the first few seconds of your video. If they don’t see any advantage from the beginning of your ad, they will click away and move on to another one. Attract your audience with a good CREATIVE and you’ll scale your campaign more easily.


4-Step Scorecard: Pacing is everything.


?‍♂️ Pacing is everything! (2 POINTS)

Unlike old school media, you have to LEAD with the benefit and not save all the good stuff for the end. Your audience will scroll away if they don’t see what they can gain from your ad immediately. So, make sure to keep your video between the 15-30 second mark and talk about the benefit first.


4-Step Scorecard: Trust your intuition.


? Trust your intuition. (1 POINT)

Lastly, BELIEVE in yourself and trust your instincts. If you think the best ad should be a specific type of video or something totally different, go for it. Then, work on the best creatives to match your concepts and ideas.

That’s a total of 10 solid POINTS! Take note of all these steps and you’ll surely be able to scale your paid ads. Before you know it, you’ve already achieved all your marketing goals.

Watch our complete 4-Step Scorecard video today and click here to start your paid social journey with us! The best way to produce results from your social ads is to learn how to become a better advertiser.


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