3 Things You Need To Make Paid Social Profitable

3 Things You Need To Make Paid Social Profitable

Paid Social Advertising is easily the best place to scale your business today. But even though running a paid social campaign can be challenging, there’s no doubt that it will be even more difficult if you don’t know the best practices. And so, we want to share with you the 3 things you need to make paid social profitable!

1. Good Ads

good ads

First, you need a good ad. If it’s not good, no one is going to click on it and clicking is the first step to making leads. Hence, you need to be able to present your audience with an ad that calls attention to exactly what your benefit is. That way, they can learn to have confidence in your brand.

What makes a good ad?

Following creative best practices.
Apply the best practices for video ads, image ads, and text so you can craft a good creative. This means following the ideal video length, image dimensions, copy structure, and more.

A/B testing. In order for you to determine which elements of your ad work best, you need to test out different creatives with the same copy, and then test different copies with the winning creative, test your headlines, and so on.

Leading with the benefit. If you’re running a video ad, you need to tell people why they should choose your brand in the first few seconds, not at the last. Paid Social 101 is to always lead with your benefit.

Trust us, with a bad ad, you’re going to get poor results and it’s going to be an uphill battle.

2. Good Conversion Rate

good conversion rate

Secondly, you need a good conversion rate which means you have to convert as many possible clicks into leads.

What makes a good conversion rate?

Personalized ads.
Good advertising is being able to reach out to people effectively and turn them into customers after. By personalizing your ads specifically for your audience, you can achieve just that.

Retargeting. This means advertising to people who have already interacted with your brand before but haven’t purchased anything yet. It’s a great way to bring people in and build trust by re-introducing your business to them.

A good landing page. You can send lots of people to your website but if it’s a terrible landing page (not optimized for mobile devices, benefits located at the bottom of the screen, or a lead form with too many questions), it’s not going to convert. What you need is a progressive lead form instead of one that asks too many questions.

What are the elements of a good landing page?

Using copy that captivates.
Your text needs to call out to your target audience but it also needs to be brief.

Using social proof. Give people a reason to trust you by showing them your influence and past successes so they can see what you can do for them.

Using the lead form to best present the benefit of your brand. Include the reasons why people should fill it out in the first place.

In other words, if you have a good ad but a bad landing page, those clicks are not going to convert into sales. As a result, you’re not going to have a good amount of leads to be able to scale your business. A good conversion rate is always the goal.

3. Good Onboarding

good onboarding

Thirdly, you need good onboarding. Just because somebody becomes a lead, it doesn’t mean they’re going to buy from you immediately.

What makes a good onboarding?

An automation setup.
The easiest way is through email automation which will provide better client communication.

An effective engagement strategy. You need to keep your leads engaged at every stage of the automation. They should constantly be interested in your brand and all its advantages so they can continue to be onboard.

A good sales process. When you give those leads to the sales team (if you’re a B2B company, for example), you need to tell your sales representatives exactly what to say. So, have different sales documents lined up. Have them coached in what the lead is expecting and prepare a script for your team so they know how to handle each one. As a matter of fact, you can get the lowest Cost Per Lead (CPL) possible but if you’re not converting them through the automation with your sales team, they’re not going to convert.

Why is client communication important for Paid Social?

Because you are merely interjecting yourself into the audience. They’re not actually looking for you. You’re just fortunate enough to present them with an ad that got them motivated to engage. But they could be anywhere in that spectrum of purchasing.

Therefore, they could be ready to purchase today but they could also be a year or 2 from buying, and they only interacted with your ad simply because they thought it was interesting. In truth, most of your audience will be part of the latter. They won’t buy right away because you’re delivering to a wide range of people no matter where they are in the sales funnel.

This is why you need to have a good onboarding process — so you can have that communication with your clients and when they’re ready to buy, you can close the deal.

Moreover, by having good onboarding, you can present your benefit more conveniently. For example, if someone is a year and half from buying and all of a sudden you tell them your benefit which they did not know, that can get them closer to the purchase. They can go from buying in a year and half to 3 months or less.

So, have a strong process in place in order to optimize for those leads. If you have leads and don’t have optimal communication with them, you will burn cash eventually.

In conclusion

These are the 3 things you need to make paid social profitable:

Good ads to be able to get people to click. If they don’t click, your ads will fail.

Good conversion rates on your landing page so you can be able to convert as many of those clicks into actual leads.

Good onboarding because if you don’t communicate with those leads properly, they’re not going to communicate with you. As a result, the campaign won’t succeed.

Study your process to determine what you’re lacking and make sure you work at all 3 to scale your business! With better ads, conversion rates, and an onboarding setup, you can be one step closer to achieving your paid social goals. Enjoy our TikTok below as a bonus!


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