Pepsi Vs Coke: Battle of the Social Media Ads!

It’s time for Pepsi Vs Coke! Who will win the battle of the social media ads and be the ultimate brand of soda? Watch our review to find out!

We’re doing a visual test today between Coke and Pepsi to see which one of these video ads is going to acquire more customers.

Ad Review

Coca-Cola Ad 

Starting with Coca-Cola, and major kudos to them for taking the risk.

The opening scene says they can’t even describe the flavor of their drink. However, they do have great product shots and background visuals that encompass what Starlight is by putting you into space and giving the audience a deeper mystery of what their product actually tastes like.

The only hate that I have is Coca-Cola doesn’t have an actual face in their video enjoying drinking down their Coke, which could add a deeper connection for the audience.

Pepsi Ad 

Now, let’s get into Pepsi.

To be straightforward, it’s a little bland. They have good product shots, where we see someone pouring their Pepsi and somebody who’s taking it down at the end. However, they don’t give good visualizations to help support the zero sugar.

Also, there’s no captions. So when the person’s speaking, in a sound off world, you have no idea what’s going on.

Speaking of a sound off world, that icon that they’re leading with, in some placements for social media, will work. But on social media feeds where 60% are going to listen with the sound off, they aren’t even going to be aware of that sound. As a result, this is going to temper down the performance.


Overall, my taste buds would say Pepsi. However, my eyes are telling me that Coke’s ad is going to generate them more sales.

So, Pepsi Vs Coke? Which one would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!

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