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Here’s the complete transcript of our Hyperlite Ad Review: 

Gabe: If this video is made for acquisition, you are burning cash right now.

How’s it going? My name is Gabe. This is Social Facqts where we review social ads based on social media best practices to help you become a better advertiser. Today, we’re going to be looking at 3 videos from Hyperlite Mountain Gear, a backpacking company for outdoor enthusiasts. Now, before we start getting too deep with our critiques, always remember that it’s much easier to critique than create. So much kudos to the creator. Now let’s go ahead and watch that first video.

Hyperlite Ad 1

Hyperlite Ad Review


Gabe: I do like how the video starts off with the opening graphic, where it says optimize your pack, because that’s gonna give the audience more context of what the visuals that are going to follow and a little bit more context about optimizing your pack. So for hikers, they obviously can’t carry everything with them and the kitchen sink. So they need to be able to optimize in terms of how much volume they’re carrying, but also how much weight they’re gonna be carrying.

The next scene is a powerful visual and any advanced hikers is going to be able to tell you what’s going on. Where they’re organizing the different accessories they have for going hiking or they’re organizing the different food they have when they’re going hiking as well. The only problem is we don’t know what Hyperlite is selling within this video.

Are they selling the different accessories? Are they selling the food? When actually, when in fact, they’re selling the pods and the sacks used to be able to organize all the different material. And that confusion can easily be solved by just putting captions in the bottom to give the audience more context visually to what’s going on with the particular scene and they can actually know what is Hyperlite selling. 


Overall, I give the video a 6.5. Visually, they do a great job of telling what the product does but they don’t do a great job of telling what the product is. They also don’t lead with the most impactful visual at the beginning of the video. While, yes, they do have great texts, I believe if you actually start the video with the packaging, you’re going to be able to give the audience more context than just a text overlay. All right, now let’s get into video number two. 

Hyperlite Ad 2

Hyperlite Ad Review


Gabe: I got to be real. If this video is made for acquisition, you are burning cash right now. Now, there is a story for branding. However, if you’re doing branding, it is going to take a ton of cash, a ton of burning, in order to be able to get a measurable impact. Where the majority of people on paid social are going to have an acquisition lens where they need to be able to get that front end cash and to be able to build that LTV, which this video is just is not. Instead of storytelling the differentiators of their product, like having lighter backpacks or lighter tents, it’s just very vague. For all we know this could be a camping tour guide, rather than selling products.

And then when they send you to their website, instead going to a specific product page, they’re sending you to a website which allows you to continuously browse on backpacks, tent shelters, stuff in pods, accessories, you can be able to view their blog. So the audience isn’t focused on the objective at hand. Instead they’re getting their open interpretation of what the open interpretation of the branding video is, which ultimately was going to result in less action by that audience.


Overall, I give the video 3 out of 10. While it’s nice visuals, it just doesn’t story tell what makes Hyperlite unique. Let’s get into that third video.

Hyperlite Ad 3

Hyperlite Ad Review


Gabe: Same story as the previous video where this is great for branding if you have the cash do so. However, if you’re looking from an acquisition standpoint, it doesn’t call out specifically what product they’re selling. It looks like it’s for advanced hikers, but for all we know this could be a tour guide ad rather than the actual product that they’re selling.

But a unique critique in comparison to the previous video is they’re using a landscape dimension, which is optimal for YouTube. However, that is not optimal for paid social where on Facebook and Instagram, you want to have a square 1×1 dimensions or using portraits for Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories so it can be able to take a full screen where on these particular dimensions, it will not. And you’re not going to get as much real estate on the audience’s phone with your powerful visuals as you would like.


Overall, I give the video 2.5 out of 10. It gets knocked down for not having optimal dimensions. And it’s the same story as the previous video, where it has great visuals, but I just have no idea what’s going on and really have no idea what product or service that they’re selling. So what do you think about the 3 videos? Did we get it right? Did we get it wrong? Let us know in the comments below.

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