Reese’s Ad Review: Why this ad is not getting king-sized results

In honor of I Love Reeses Day, we present our Reese’s Ad Review where we explain why this ad from Reese’s is not a cup of peanut butter goodness.

This paid social video from Reese’s is not getting king-sized results and here are three reasons why.

1️⃣ Number one, the video’s too short. Yeah, Reese’s gets away with it because they’re a brand and this is a branding play. But for a normal company, you’re not going to have long enough to tell a story within four seconds to be able to convince the audience that they have to purchase your product.

2️⃣ Number two, it starts with a great product shot then it goes to a still image which gives the audience more of a stale taste in their mouth for the product. Instead, continue that storytelling. Have somebody eating the Reese’s so it’ll make the audience salivate rather than just looking at a still image.

3️⃣ Number three, be more upfront with what you’re selling. The headline says “All that and a bag of…” so it’s obviously talking about how big the Big Cup is for Reese’s. But it took me two or three times to be able to see: Oh shoot, this is the Big Reese’s. And that is me. Imagine the first time someone’s consuming it as they’re scrolling through. You need to make that more pronounced so that the audience is going to take action.

Reese’s Ad

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