Pure Leaf Ad Review: Why this ad can get the par-tea started!

Watch our Pure Leaf Ad Review and get the par-tea started. Happy National Iced Tea Day!

Pure Leaf is throwing some sugar on their ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) with this Paid Social ad and here are three reasons why.

1️⃣ Number one, they’re leading with the benefit. By having a product shot of Pure Leaf that says “lower sugar,” the audience is going to be more aware of why they should actually purchase the product. To add to that is the background, where you’re able to see the tea as well. Therefore, you’re able to get a deeper conceptualization of what they’re selling.

2️⃣ Number two, the audio ties in great with the benefit. Not only is it going to be a familiar melody that’s going to give the audience a deeper connection to the product, where it’s “pour some more sugar for me” not on me, but it also has that connection. Furthermore, it’s going to give the audience a deeper connection that they’re talking about sugar or the lack there of.

3️⃣ Number three, there’s a strong CTA at the end that showcases the benefit. There’s only 20 calories, 5 grams of sugar, and they’re using three different products to let you know there’s diversity — that you can be able to get the lowest sugar with Pure Leaf.

Pure Leaf Ad 

Thanks for checking out our Pure Leaf Ad Review! They are simply winning the game.

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