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Here’s the complete transcript of our HR Software Ad Reviews: 

Gabe: Hi, my name is Gabe. Welcome to Social Facts, where we review social ads based on best practices to help you become a better advertiser.

Today, we’re going to play a little game where we’re going to review three different videos from three different HR software companies, and we’re going to have you rank the videos in terms of what you think are going to be the best performing from one, two, and three. Then we’re going to give our critiques for each video. And at the end, we’re going to give our rankings on what we believe are the top performer, the middle performer and the under performer out of the three.

Video number one is from the company Paycor.

Paycor Ad

Paycor Ad Review

If you’re an HR leader, everyone depends on you.”

“Quick question. EEO 1 of form section 3, column A, line 7. Salaries go here or here?”

We need to reduce cost by 10% by five.”

Doug says we need a succession plan. What’s a succession plan?”

This overtime number can’t be right, can it?”

Audrina says we can’t hire him because he’s my friend.”

What’s the policy on dating coworkers?”

Who do you do depend on? Paycor.”

It’s 4:45.”

Gabe: Video number two is from the company Rippling.

Rippling Ad

Rippling Ad Review

Gabe: Video number three is from the company Bambee.

Bambee Ad

Bambee Ad Review

In the past, hiring an HR manager has cost 60 to $70,000 a year. Well, it’s the future. Bambee is available now for small business owners like you starting at $99 a month.”

Gabe: Now, go ahead and rank each video based on what you think is going to give the best performance in paid social, and we’re going to go ahead and review each video.

HR Software Ad Review: Paycor

Gabe: For Paycor, this is a great example of a video that’s made for traditional media and goes against the grain with how audiences consume on social media. This video does a good job of progressively storytelling the benefits of Paycor. Plus you have empathy for the HR person who’s trying to manage everything the business is throwing at them, including the kitchen sink. However, you have to watch the entire video to understand the true benefit of the video, that Paycor actually is an HR software.

Where the video starts and somebody sitting by a desk and we’re not necessarily sure that they’re in HR. We really don’t know what they do, and then someone comes in saying that they have to lower cost by 10%, but we really don’t know that’s actually HR relevant. It’s not giving us a full story. So we have to watch the entire video to understand what’s going on. Where with social media, you need to lead with that benefit and make it as punchy as possible. By not being direct to the audience and leading with the benefit, Paycor is sacrificing by having a significantly smaller portion of the audience actually consuming why that they should click on the ad, which then in turn is going to hurt the performance of the video. 

Now, an easy fix for the video would be just add audio captions. 85% of the audience is going to listen with the sound off. So all they’re seeing is, and they’re not able to visually follow along. By putting audio captions, you’re able to have the audience better follow along with the story that you’re telling.

HR Software Ad Review: Rippling

Gabe: You might be saying, this video is super simple and you’re right. It is simple and direct to the point. From the beginning of the video, it says, “Growing your workforce?” Which calls attention to HR and it calls attention to what the benefit of Rippling is. The next visualization shows you that Rippling is able to help you automate and expedite your employee onboarding. 

HR Software Ad Review: Bambee

Gabe: Well, you can make the argument that this isn’t the worst messaging points and you can actually test different benefits by using the same template where the person’s just talking about different highlights of Bambee, and then doing a cost evaluation of the creative in terms of down funnel performance, not just terms of cost per lead and seeing how well they’re warming up those leads to give you ultimately the lowest CAC. That however is not the case. This is the only video that they’re running, which is going to greatly limit their potential with this video.


Gabe: So how would we rank the videos? Number one is Rippling and we would give them an 8 out of 10. Number two is Paycor, and we would give them a 5.5 out of 10, followed by Bambee at number three and we would give them a 4 out of 10. So were your rankings the same as ours? Let us know in the comments below and can’t wait to join you in the conversation.

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