Paid Social: Creative Best Practices (Video, Image, & Copy)

Paid Social: Creative Best Practices

It’s not by accident how Facqt creates best in class creative. Here are the best practices for social media ad creative that produce results!

Best Practice For Video AdsAd Image:

Best Practice For Video AdsAd Image: Asana

Creative Best Practice For Video


?️ Visualize your benefit. Get creative with your storytelling and express the benefits of your ad visually.

? Keep it short and sweet (under 15 seconds). 70% of the Facebook audience has an on-the-go mindset, which is why 15-second videos are optimal. You need to go with the grain to grab their attention.

? Captivate the audience by leading with the benefit. Put the most important factors of your business on the forefront of your ad in order to draw people in immediately. By catching them in the first few seconds, your ad can easily perform better.

? Optimize the video for sound off by adding audio captions. 85% of social media users watch videos with the sound off, so it’s important to include captions or subtitles in your video. That way, you can let people follow along without listening to the sound.

? Limit your message. Don’t overwhelm your audience by putting too many points in one video. Just focus on 1 or 2 main ones and relay that message accordingly.

? Focus on people’s faces. Eyes are drawn to people’s faces which means you can reach more people if you feature a person or people in your video ad.

?️ Make thumbnails. Lastly, create eye-catching thumbnails for your video to help you tell your story better.

Best Practice For Image Ads

Creative Best Practice For Image


? Visualize your benefit by using a product shot. Since you’re using a static image, you need to choose what you feature in that image wisely. One thing that will help you attract a bigger portion of your audience is a good shot of your product.

? Use text. Because your ad is static, you need to use text on your image to make your benefit clearer to your audience.

? Use carousels. By using multiple images in one ad, you can give your audience a direct picture of your benefit. Carousel posts can help your audience understand your story better.

?️ Limit your message.  You’ll be relying on text to complement your image so you have to make sure you don’t overcrowd it by adding too many words. Make it easy to understand by keeping your messaging points brief.

? Focus on people’s faces. Just like video ads, eyes are drawn to people’s faces so it can definitely help you to have people in your ads.

Best Practice For Ad CopyAd Image: Google

Creative Best Practice For Copy


✍️ Limit your message. Now, when it comes to copy, the same rule applies and it’s the shorter the better. Stick to 1 or 2 main points and express it in your writing properly.

? Keep it short and sweet. Social media users scroll through their phones quickly. So if your copywriting is too long, they will most often ignore it. But if it’s just 1-2 sentences short, more people will be drawn to it.

? Use emojis. But don’t overdo it and use too much because that can turn people away from your ad.

? Use CTAs. A Call To Action can direct people to convert so it’s important to use them in your copy to help them understand what the goal of the ad is.

There you have it! By applying these Creative Best Practices to your strategies, you can improve the course of your social ads in no time.

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