How To Make Great Paid Social Videos

How To Make Great Paid Social Videos

If you’re running paid social advertising campaigns, you know how important video is to your success. However, how can you produce videos that are made to be consumed on social media? In this blog, we’ll discuss the different kinds of paid social videos you can create for your campaigns and provide advice on how to optimize your material.

From product demos to hard sell videos to spokesperson content, we’ve got you covered. Use these guidelines to develop paid social videos that attract your target audience and produce results.

Types of Paid Social Video Ads

Types of Paid Social Video Ads

Consider each of the following types while producing effective paid social videos.

Spokesperson: An influencer or an ambassador introducing the product or service to the audience and explaining its benefits.

Testimonial: A client or customer reviewing the product or service and describing how they felt about it.

Product demos: Showing how the product or service works.

Unboxing: Showing the thrill of receiving and exploring a new product or service.

Lifestyle: Showing how the product or service can make the viewer’s life better.

Comparison: Showing a before and after scene or comparing the product or service to its competition.

Hard sell: A time-sensitive or compelling offer to encourage the viewer to purchase.

How To Make Video Ad Content


How To Make Video Ad Content

To create amazing paid social videos that’ll scale your advertising efforts, try the following:

Use a smartphone to film authentic videos. This option will be cost-efficient, plus it’s easier to control.

Convert static images into videos. Make sure to include proper storytelling along with copy that talks about the benefits of the product or service.

Try animations and graphic design. These will help you execute great ideas, but just remember that not all animations will be successful. It’s all down to the messaging and strategy!

Take content from a 3rd party content library. Here, you can obtain a wide array of images and videos. However, they may not be as versatile and adaptable as creating your own content.

Collaborate with influencers. They can help you make the most of your messaging. A good influencer is a good storyteller. The better the storytelling, the better your ads are going to be.

Book a studio shoot. Work with professional videographers, photographers, and actors to create custom videos for your brand. Although, studio shoots can be quite expensive. So it’s beneficial to try out other options first.

Best Practices for Video Ads

Best Practices for Video Ads

Follow these guidelines when crafting your social media ads to achieve maximum results.

Lead with the benefit of the video in the opening scene. Make your audience aware of why they should care about your product or service.

Capture the audience’s attention with a relevant, attention-grabbing image or question. You need to stop as many people from scrolling as relatively possible.

Lead with a human face to humanize the brand. 90% of the time, a human face will attract attention and raise awareness above all other forms of media.

Optimize the video for sound off by incorporating captivating imagery and cohesive copy. People don’t always have the sound on when watching videos on social media. As a result, if you are speaking in your video and the audience can’t hear sound or read captions, they won’t understand what’s happening or why they should care, and they will scroll past. Therefore, utilize closed captions to increase the video’s accessibility. Good copy and strong visualization go hand in hand, and the more seamlessly they can be used together, the more impactful the result will be.

Keep the video simple and focus on only one benefit. Do not overwhelm your viewers with information by including too much in one video ad.

Bonus Tip


Think about creating videos in a modular format to enable testing and adaptability.

What does modular form mean? It’s to have different sections that you’re able to change up and switch around.

For example, if you wanted to test the opening scene, you can be able to test five different opening scenes and make all those videos have the same sequence afterwards.

So while you’re testing, you can be absolutely certain that a video’s success is attributed to its particular opening scene, allowing you to gain more valuable insight that you can apply moving forward. This is how you can growth hack video.



What is the optimal length for social media content, specifically on TikTok and Meta?

A year or two ago, videos under 15 seconds were ideal for Meta. But now, we recommend working with 15 seconds and allowing the messaging to breathe if necessary, up to a maximum of 34 seconds.

Furthermore, while long form material occasionally works, it is often preferable to concentrate first on short form content before expanding to lengthier content once the former is performing well.

In Conclusion


Follow these guidelines and study the different types of videos ideal for your paid social ad campaigns to create content that converts your audience into customers!

In order to be consistent with your results, make sure to examine the data you collect. Track and analyze your performance. On the whole, use the strategies listed above to produce video ads that drive better results for your brand.

You can also book a free paid social audit to learn more! See you there.

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