FedEx Ad Review: How this social ad can be improved

FedEx has failed to deliver a great social media ad. We explain why on our official FedEx Ad Review. Check it out right here!

Overall, this delivery from FedEx is a good paid social ad, but here’s why they drop the packaging when it comes to storytelling.

1️⃣ There is so much crammed into this video into 15 seconds. Because of that, it’s really hard for the audience to be able to know the different nuances and to be able to get a clear takeaway of what the story is.

2️⃣ That goes to show for advertisers, when you’re doing your videos, make sure to have simple messaging points. That way, the audience can be able to have a clear takeaway with what the value of the video is.

FedEx Ad


That’s how we can improve this social media ad.

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